Tracy Kane - author, artist, inspirer!
About the Author:
From the age of four, Tracy Kane has been fascinated with color. Crayons were her first medium of choice.

She believed that each color had its own personality - just like people. It was this allure of color, combined with her love of drawing that inspired her to become an artist.

Ms. Kane attended the Philadelphia College of Art on a Scholastic Art Award Scholarship, and studied abroad in London at Wimbledon College of Art.

As a professional artist, Ms. Kane naturally graduated to the paintbrush experimenting with colors, tints and shades. The Magic of Color is her fourth children’s book. Ms. Kane is the author/illustrator of the award-winning and critically acclaimed Fairy Houses Series.

One day, while studying both bright and subtle hues for a landscape painting, Tracy Kane wondered, what if colors didn’t exist? Would the world appear similar to an old black-and-white movie? If a long time ago the world was colorless, how would color first appear? How would the inhabitants who had never seen color before react?

The Magic of Color is a story about two tribes; the Shaders and Tinters who exist peacefully on opposite sides of an island in a world of black and white. One night, a dramatic event occurs creating two new colors that transform their lives. Each tribe celebrates and rejoices about their new find.

When a third color appears on the mountain peak, both tribes set off on an adventure to claim this dazzling new treasure. Their journey guides them to a startling encounter, and they discover a new world more wonderful than any they could imagine.

The Magic of Color introduces colors separately to the reader and shows what happens when colors blend together.

The subtle multicultural messages cannot be overlooked in this uniquely illustrated and cleverly written account of two races that once saw the world in black and white.

Readers of all ages will delight in the celebration of color and the joining of the Shaders and Tinters as they continue blending together, creating new colors every day.

The Magic of Color
Tracy Kane

Children’s Picture Book
Hardcover $17.95
40 pages
Light-Beams Publishing
ISBN: 0-9766289-0-2
Release Date: September, 2005

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